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Emmabella & Insulin Prices

Emmabella is a strong advocate for healthcare being a human right. Emmabella is the Legislative & Policy Lead for Florida's #insulin4all movement lead by T1International, with the aim to unite the diabetes community for access to diabetes supplies, care, and treatment for everyone.

This 2020 legislative session Emmabella lobbied for SB116/HB109 that would cap insulin co-pay prices at $100 for a 30-day supply for insured Floridians. Not only did Emmabella aid in writing this bill as a part of her role, but she has also been part of the team to present it at committee hearings that have lead to unanimous approval in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committees.

Through this process, Emmabella has learned that "the most sustainable change in our country happens right at our State Legislature."

If you are interested in becoming involved with the #insulin4all movement, visit the link or email flinsulin4all@gmail.com.