Emmabellas Believers

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Emmabella's Advocacy

Emmabella takes on Capitol Hill as a 2013 Children's Congress Delegate!

Emmabella meets with  Congressman Buchanan to ask him to support the Special Diabetes Program. 

Emmabella lobbies Congress for Type 1 Research Funding!

Emmabella had big plans last summer!  She was chosen from a pool of nearly 1,500  applicants with Type 1 Diabetes selected as a Children's Congress delegate. 

She was selected by JDRF to join 150 other children from around the country in Washington,  D.C.,  to remind their Members of Congress of the vital need to continue supporting  research  that  aims to reduce the burden they all share, of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), until a cure becomes  available.

“I  was  diagnosed  with  Type  1  Diabetes  when  I  was  5  years  old,  says  Emmabella.  JDRF  has  been  a  vital part  of  my    life  ever  since,  our  family  has  fundraised  for  JDRF    for  ten years,  raising  $200,000.    I  applied to  Children’s  Congress  with  the  hope  of  letting  my  voice  be  heard  by  telling  my  story  and  why  curing Type  1  Diabetes  is  so  important  to  me,  my  family,  and  the  millions  of  others  that  live  with  this difficult  disease.”

During her visit to Washington D.C. Emmabella met with Congressman Buchanan, Senator Nelson, and Vice President Biden.  She spoke to the legislators about the importance of renewing the Special Diabetes Program to continue T1D research. Emmabella told her personal story, which is similar to all those living with this devastating disease, and explained why we need to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!

Emmabella was joined by 150 delegates from around the country, as well as celebrity and athlete advocates that live with the disease as well. She was excited to meet Crystal Bowersox (American Idol finalist), Gary Hall (Olympic Swimmer), Jean Smart (Actress), Ray Allen (Miami Heat), Charlie Kimball (IndyCar Racer), Sam Talbot (Top Chef), Mary Mouser (Actress), and Nicole Johnson (Miss America 1999). 

"I am so thankful for this opportunity, says Emmabella.  It empowered me, and made me believe that I can make a difference!  I do believe we will cure Type 1 Diabetes! I along with many other JDRF advocates won't stop until we do!"

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