Emmabellas Believers

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The Emmabella's Believers Act

While meeting people with Type 1 Diabetes throughout the years and immersing herself within the community, Emmabella noted how commonly she would hear stories of misdiagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. The symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes are extremely subtle. They resemble many illnesses, one being as common as the flu. This unfortunate but preventable issue inspired her to create The Emmabella‚Äôs Believers Act. If passed, this law would establish a push to screen more individuals for Type 1 Diabetes in the State of Florida. Emmabella's bill is currently on the drafting docket in the Florida Legislature and is sponsored by both Senator Joe Gruters and Representative Margaret Good.

If you are interested in helping her advocate on behalf of her bill, email her at emmabellarudd@gmail.com.

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